Task 4 (FMP Evaluation)



I did a lot of research for my ideas, half of which turned out to be irrelevant as I changed my idea but it did still help.

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Task 2


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Reflection on feedback (7th April)

Today I had to present my work to one of my tutors and get feedback. It was supposed to be in front of the class but I wasn’t in so I had to  do it another day and I went into a separate room so i just presented to my tutor. The presentation was short and sweet.

This is what was said/decided:


I want to use foam board for my photographs in my exhibition so the images aren’t flush against the wall. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to showcase work. The prices for foam board were just in my budget. There are some prices below:-

Hobbycraft- £9 for five pieces of A3
Works- £5 for five pieces of A3

I decided to go for the foam board from The Works as it was cheaper and it was still good quality.

The paper I will print my images onto costs roughly fifteen pence per sheet and will be printed from a canon printer onto canon paper. The paper, to me, seems to be luster paper. I think the prints will turn out really well- the images should be clear and sharp with colour, the paper should be nice and smooth with a mixture of a glossy and matte finish. The prints will only take a matter of minutes to print which makes it a lot easier as I can get on with my written work.


My tutor and I talked and he suggested I use the hashtags on Instagram and to create my own so when people click on it, it will be just my images (or a groups images). I decided to share my work on both Facebook and Instagram as together, they had a bigger audience which meant more people would see my work.


I will use Instagram to publish my work and show progress. With Instagram you can use hashtags so people can find your work quicker and easier. Instagram is international so a lot of people will see my work if they look through the hashtags I used.

Behind the scenes-

To show my progress I will be showing photos (and maybe videos) of my work. For instance, I will be showing images of my light box and the set up so people can see how I did my work. Doing this will also improve my grade.

Getting the grade I want-

In order to get the grade I want (a distinction) I have to compare and critically analyse all of my work.

To critically analyse my work I had to research, give a balance of pros and cons about my work, give relevant evidence and give a clear presentation.I have to make sure my practical work is good, show how I have done my work and show how I have edited the images from taking the shot to how they are when they are printed. I have to make sure all of my written work has at least the minimum amount of words needed but the work has to reach expectations and be good quality.



Project brief-

“For this Project you will be introduced to the idea of utilising both visuals and audio technology to create an interactive piece of work. You will research, contextualize and record evidence of your work on your WordPress blog.”

This evaluation will discuss and compare a range of critical perspectives, contexts and research tools that have influenced my work.


I have had four ideas all together; do a promotional video for Rain Rescue and 8Below, Life of a dog and then how society has changed for 16-20 year olds from the 1960s to now. I looked at all sorts of videos to give me inspiration. I looked at Dogs trust videos, adverts, short films, etc. I found that videos with animals and documentaries stood out to me so when I was first talking with one of my tutors about it I thought of going to a zoo or something to do a video about the lives of animals in captivity but I then changed it to doing a promotional video- that obviously didn’t go well.

I looked at sound by watching videos from WatchMojo (top ten movie sounds) and a behind the scenes documentary of Star Wars: Episode II- Attack Of The Clones. I didn’t really get inspiration from those videos apart from the documentary scene where it was like George Lucas talking to the camera. The Star Wars documentary was good to watch as it showed what you could use for different effects.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.46.41.png

I looked at all sorts of rescues to see which were closest and which would be the best for me to do. I chose Rain Rescue as I rescued a dog from there myself and my mum is still in contact with them. I then chose 8Below as my tutor knows the owner. As I had this idea in my mind I then looked at different rescues and the different videos they would share to either get the public to adopt dogs or just promote their rescue.

When those plans fell through I then decided to do the life of a dog which meant that I had to look up any  videos about dogs. It worked as I managed to get up more original ideas from this. I got my dogs toys and treats so the would be more active but you really cannot rely on dogs when it comes to them being playful because some days they will do nothing at all, no matter how hard you coax them.

After that also fell through I then talked with a friend and asked what I could do or if she had any ideas. She had some ideas but they were still not something I wanted to do or something that I had faith in. I wanted to do a documentary/interview type video so this meant I had to question people. I eventually had an idea of asking people who were born in different eras what it was like when they were 16. I did a lot of mind mapping and drawings to try and get my idea smoothed out. I was going to interview Tom (my Grandad) and Liam (my brother) to compare the two but the camera would not focus so most of my footage was blurry and I had so much audio that the video would be about 10 minutes long. Eventually, I decided to just interview Tom and use photos of when he was younger and then put them in chronological order to when I was born. Due to feedback, I would like to get more photos of Tom now.

My audiovisual is heavily influenced by found photography. Found photography is “Found photography is a genre of photography and/or visual art based on the recovery of lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs.“- Wikipedia. I used images that were from my family, so some of the photos were from my family and others were from friends of theirs- or even professional photographers. Sadly, because of the age of most of the photographs there is no definite photographer to each photograph.


This photograph (and the other black and white photos from the wedding) are from a Mr Hoyland.

One artist that does Found Photography is called Lisa Kokin. She gets photographs and sews them. She ‘give them new lives and rescue them from the obscurity they would be headed for were it not for me, humble servant of the arts.’- a direct quote from her website. I really like the idea of giving photographs a new life but I also find it quite intrusive.


I started by looking into short films and adverts to get ideas and then I did mind maps to build on my ideas. I then changed my idea and worked on that.

Rain Rescue/8Below-

Both of these rescues/charities are good to work with as it would be great to make a promotional video for them. Rain Rescue sadly had to decline and they are a busy and small centre, which is understandable. 8Below and I had communication issues (on both parts) which is a shame. So, I had to think of a new idea last minute. The mind maps below were very helpful


Life of a dog-

I would video my dog and give the story of how we got him and he got a new dog as a friend. I would use videos and photos to show how they have grown and then use text on the video to be used as the speech. The sound would be of the dogs playing.

I would rather not do this as for me it feels quite cringe and it honestly just doesn’t click with me. I have been talking with other people about what I could do and something I thought of was interviewing different generations and comparing what life was like then and what it is like now.


-Now, I like this plan a lot. It means I can talk to people and show others the differences of how life is now compared to other generations when they were ages 16 to 21. I plan to interview at least one person from each generation (there are three generations I can talk to) and ask them a series of questions and get them to elaborate certain answers. What I will do is get photos of them and put the audio over the photos.

-I used this plan and worked from it. Instead of talking to various people, I just talked to My Grandad, Tom, to show what it was like when he was younger. I then put photos from when was a teen up until I was born. Most were of him in his thirties. I then used photos of my mum and uncle to show that he had children. I had  a lot of audio (some of which I had to cut out) and not enough photos which made things difficult

Reflection on my practical work-


§ Miscommunication with one of the rescues
§ Declined by another rescue
-Due to scheduling
§ Originality of ideas
-It is hard to think of original ideas as everyday we are influenced by other media and sometimes you think of something that someone has already done even though you had seen their ideas briefly or even years
§ Not having enough photos to fit with my audio
-My Grandad didn’t have a lot of photos of when he was younger as his family didn’t really care for photos at that time. The majority of the photos I got from him were from when he was with my Nanan
§ Timings


§ Talk more to people
– To make sure the plans are sorted and that everything would go smoothly
§ Go to more places
– So there is more chance of getting accepted
§ Make more mind maps of the ideas
– To make sure it is as original as it can be
§ Get more photos, use more time to actually plan for photos
– Use time to find the perfect photos so they make sense and fit well with the topic of the video
§ Plan more and make time key
-My planning was terrible as I felt really pushed due to all of my ideas going terribly wrong. I sort of had a plan in my head but not one on paper and I really regret that so next time I will use a detailed plan.


§ Make titles central
– This will keep it so the viewers do not have to keep flicking from the bottom to the middle
§ Get more recent photos
– This is to show how the people in the video have changed over the years


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.17.45.png

Before changes



Editing and Publishing-


I found the editing fun. All I really had to do was turn certain photos back to black and white (as they had yellowish tints from age) and crop them so it took little time and effort. It was the putting together and promoting that took me a while. Each photo had to be a certain length of time and then there were title screens and it all went wrong. It got the audio mixed up with the photos so that was frustrating as well.

I put a ‘©’on my video as it is automatic for me to do this on my photos. Having this copyright is to show that it is, in fact, mine.  Technically anything you create is yours from the moment of its creation but not all people look at it that way, in consequence of this, some people will use your work get credit for.Some people register for a copyright- this is not a legal requirement but it is advised as it is more secure than just putting your name on the photo, video, etc. It also costs at least $35.

It isn’t difficult to publish from Premiere; all you have to do is export it. It takes a couple of minutes to export and then it is ready to be shared to youtube and other social media outlets. I then went to put it on a Disc so the audiovisual can be interactive- which is part of what we need to pass this project. I chose to do a disc because a usb could get lost and a disc is easy and simple to do. The disc does have its limits as discs can only go to so many people at a time whereas social media outlets like youtube are international.

I made a 12×12 (cm) cover for the disc case on word- simple and effective. I used ordinary paper and used a photo that was in my audiovisual for the cover. It isn’t like a professional cover but I am happy with it. It can be improved by making more exact measurements and using better paper (probably glossy paper as normal paper is very matte and bland).

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.13.44.png



After a difficult start, I managed to pull through with my audiovisual. It was hard as I had to rush to finish my video to show it as a presentation, luckily, it looks ok and needs minor editing (I just need to add a few more photos and change the title positions). I did like the project but not as much as project one (the client work) as this one really tested my ability to stick to a plan. It was hard to enjoy a project where everything went wrong for me. When I eventually got things to go right for me, I did start to enjoy the project. It was fun to find out the photos and to get my Grandad to talk about what it is was like when he was my age.

One thing I could have done to improve my work was to start the video earlier on rather than a couple of days before it was due to be presented. It would have prevented a lot of stress and my work would have been better as it would not have been rushed. This means that I would have had a better chance of making a video that I would feel pleased with.

This is my final edit of my audiovisual:

Main idea

My main idea is to do footage of the rescue dogs at 8 below. My reasoning for this is because I picked this and another rescue to do but that rescue had to decline as they were too busy. This was fine. I decided to do animals as I love them and I rescued one from the shelter that had declined me. Showing people how animals can need help and promoting 8 below means that more dogs could be adopted. It also shows what can happen to dogs in certain homes.

I want images and videos of the dogs play, eating, having walks, etc. I will practice taking videos and photos of my own dogs so I can see how it would work and see what I would need to use to alter/amplify certain aspects (eg. sound). My practice shots will be in the garden/woods and the actual shots would be at the shelter. It shouldn’t take long to film- maybe a couple of hours over different days to get various shots.

My target audience is animal lovers and the general public. The animal lovers would love it as it is about dogs and the general public would see what it is like in shelters and how they need to be adopted.

The 35mm outcomes- before they have been edited/inverted

Overall I managed to take 20 good shots

The trees and plants were good as it showed the negatives and detail. The buildings i took photos of were detailed and the camera managed to get the shadows right. The water feature had definite shape and form but I can’t see a 100% detail, i will be able to when i upload the image online. The signs were good and looked quite retro in b&w.

The one bad photo had half a black frame. This was towards the end of the film.The best photos are the Church and the building above bargain buysThe worst photo was one I took of a shop window as it had a lot of glare on it.

I will know what they actually look like when they are edited.