Bin= New folder
Film management is key- make folders for audio, footage, graphics, etc so it is easy access
Back up everything in the hard drive
Use the same folders/content and do not move them

  1. Open Premiere
  2. File- save
  3. File- new- sequence (now choose sequence for the camera/tech you used)
  4. Import- double click grey box (bottom left) and import folder of what you need to keep everything sorted
  5. When you click the video/audio you can edit it in the top left box and you can cut them by using the blue lines that play across the vid/audio and use the ‘mark on’ and ‘mark off’
  6. The razor tool, which is found on the bottom right box cuts the video/audio and then if you click the vid/audio then you can delete the part you don’t want or move it around
  7. Effects- Video transitions- dissolve – you put that between the clips