Introduction to Project 3

Learning outcomes:

1.Understand the requirements of a creative media production project
-Analyse the requirements of a creative media production project

2.Be able to use research methods to inform ideas for creative media production
-Review a range of research  sources to support a creative media production project
-Interpret research to develop ideas and effectively communicate to an audience

3. Be able to use skills, knowledge and understanding in the completion of a creative media project
-Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding to complete a creative media project within an agreed timeline

4. Be able to evaluate a creative media project
-Critically evaluate a creative media project against the agreed requirements and parameters


Task 1 (1.1/2.1/2.2)
-Select a genre or area of photography to develop for the exhibition
-Conduct research around the area and influences
-Develop Ideas and effectively communicate the intended outcomes
-Investigate and devise how the images/project will be displayed
-Consider printing/projecting/framing/colour
-Consider the audience
-Investigate ways to promote and advertise
Task 2 (1.1/2.1/2.2)- 3rd-4-17
-Project proposal presentation- minimum 10 minute, project ideas, research findings, influences, mood boards, production plan
-Analyse and evaluate project and refine ideas before moving forward- minimum of 500 words
Task 3 (3.1/4.1)- 22nd-5-17
-Begin to create the practical element of this project
-Create test work which challenges your practical skills and knowledge
-Adjust the production plan as you discover and solve practical and theoretical problems
-Show work to the lecturer to gain formative feedback and advice throughout
-Reflect and evaluate at each stage
-Ensure everything is recorded
-Generate final portfolio (min 10 images)
Task 4 (4.1)- 29th-5-17
-Before showing work in exhibition, present the work to lecturers and peers for more feedback
-Create a 1000 word critical evaluation
-Print/Hang/Curate the exhibition- do this the week comensing29th of may