My Client


Genre- theatre photography
Client- Peter- performing arts tutor, University Campus Barnsley
Where- University Campus Barnsley
When- 21st, 23rd and 25th of November
What I know so far:-

  • Headshots
  • Photos of them acting- rehearsal shots and maybe some dress rehearsal shots

Questions and Answers:-

  • Is there a specific amount of photos?- No there isn’t
  • Is there a certain mood that you want? Professional and formal unless stated otherwise
  • What type of photos? Just headshots? Headshots- maybe some inside and outside. Rehearsal shots as well
  • When do you want these photos done? As soon as possible

Kit I used:

  • Camera

Plan of action-

  1. Get client
  2. Find out what i need to know
  3. Write up everything on my blog and get forms sorted
  4. Take practice shots
  5. Take photos- edit and give back
  6. Do presentation
  7. Evaluate and hand in

How I am giving the photos:-

  • Sending them through email
  • giving them a memory stick to take them off
  • Sending through Facebook Messenger