On October 15th the class and I went to Liverpool for the day.

The first two images are of the Liverpool eye. The first image is too dark and the Liverpool eye isn’t eye-catching. The second image is quite bright but the eye stands out and that is what I wanted to capture.

The next five images are of locks on the Albert Docks. The first one I took is of Josh and Sophie who were married on my birthday- I really liked the engraving as it is simple but very delicate. The photo isn’t the best but i really like how the sun hits a certain part of the image. The second lock is in memory of a man named Leonard . The third is in memory of a guy named Ken. I liked the third as it had a coin on the lock. The last one is for ‘Smeagle and Turnip’.

The last two images are of the same building. I really like the lines in the images. The first one is better as it a close up of the building and the effect is really nice. It gives it a sense of rhythm and it doesn’t look flat and creates atmosphere.


My location Photography

The two images at the top are a before and after on photoshop. The image is my friend’s as my images wouldn’t work. I was the one who edited it on photoshop. I prefer the original as the colours are richer and really have the Autumn feel. The edited shot has texture but the Conker isn’t as prominent and the original has a good focus on the conker. It was the first time that I have edited like that in Photoshop.

I really like the photo of the blue flower. I like that it is a close up of the flower and not far away. The dynamic of the close up makes it so it gives a different view and gives the flower more of a focal point.

I took three photos of the bandstand and each one is startlingly different. The first one is framed by the branches and trees and makes it so the bandstand is more of a main feature. Perhaps I should’ve made it so the branches didn’t cover the top of the bandstand. The second image of the bandstand is way too light and needed to be darker and the last image is too dark. I also feel that the bandstand is in the wrong position so it won’t capture the viewer’s attention.

The conkers all have a nice sheen on them and that was one of my main goals are the sheen gives depth to them. The first image is pretty bland and to me,there isn’t a lot of depth to it either. The second  image is strange as the conker is actually in a tree trunk. To my knowledge, it just fell there from a tree but I cannot be 100% sure. It is a very bright photo but the bark around the conker is darker and creates depth. The third images is quite strange as I found the conker in two-thirds of its shell and it looks nice and natural. The image is quite dark but is quite moody and the dead leaves in the background actually emphasise the life of the conker.

The photo of the sky framed by the branches and leaves is nice. The darkness of the branches; a great contrast to the bright blue sky. The clouds sort of outline the branches which give it a nice effect.

The photo of the leaves in the water is nice. The foreground is slightly blurry as I focused on the middle ground. The colours of the wet leaves and the sun on them are really nice and really gives the image a warm feeling. The image would look better if the detail was slightly sharper.

So today, the 6th of October, me and my Friend, Amy, went to Clifton Park (Rotherham) and took location photos. We were out for a few hours when, really, we needed a lot longer. We weren’t out there long enough as we had only ventured about a quarter of the park. I managed to get quite a few photos that I actually like. I personally like doing location photography as I like going out and seeing nature.

We took photos of conkers, trees, and the rocks. I also took some photos of plants. I managed to get a lot of photos in focus and i liked them a lot. Most of the photos I took were crisp and showed a lot of detail. The only photo that would upload is the one below. I like the colour, could be a little bit crisper and perhaps a little bit darker so it would cause a more dramatic look. dsc00910

The two images at the top are a before and after on photoshop. The image is my friend’s as my images wouldn’t work. I was the one who edited it on photoshop. I prefer the original as the colours are richer and really have the Autumn feel. The edited shot has texture but the Conker isn’t as prominent and the original has a good focus on the conker. It was the first time that I have edited like that in Photoshop.

Location photographers

Henri Cartier-Bresson-

Henri Cartier- Bresson came from a wealthy household and learnt about the arts and literature in school. He soon rebelled against his parents capitalist ways and drifted towards communism. He went to Africa to hunt wild boar and the like but soon became uninterested and became interested in photography. He started to use a Brownie camera that he had got as a gift. Henri actually preferred taking the photos rather than making prints or showing it off. He also hated editing. Henri had taken photos of the Spanish Civil War and even the Chinese revolution.

Dorothea Lange-

Dorothea Lange is famous for her photographs during the Great Depression. Being brought up in a household that supported education and the arts she decided to become a professional photographer. At 23 years old she got her own portrait studio in San Francisco. She documented the lives of Americans for years and even went to places like Korea with her second husband. She got recruited by the OWI at the beginning of WWII and had to take photographs of Japenese- American internments and again in 1945 to document the San Fransisco conference that created the UN. She also co-founded a small book publishing company and did assignments for Life magazine.

Ansel Adams-

Ansel Adams is best known for taking photos of the wilderness.  His black and white images really are noticed as they are so vivid in shadow and light. Both Dorothea and Ansel tried to change politics and society through art. Ansel took photos of the camps during WWII to show the wartime injustice. His images were reproduced in calendars, books, and posters. His love for nature is shown through his photography as he really does show the perfections and flaws. Perfections more so than flaws.

Location Photography

“Location shooting is the practice of filming in the actual setting in which a story takes place rather than on a sound stage or back lot. In filmmaking, a location is any place where a film crew will be filming actors and recording their dialog”- wikipedia



Lines are used all the time in photos as they help create shape, form and texture. This being said lines can be classed as the most important and influential elements of formal photography.

For instance, multiple lines can help show rhythm whereas horizontal lines can emphasise peaceful tones.


Shapes show the dimensions in a photograph. Shapes can suggest size and weight. Some shapes (rectangles, triangle, etc) can show stability and others (ovals) can help make illusions. Sharp, straight lines can make a photo more dramatic whereas soft, curved edges can make a photo less serious and more welcoming. Silhouettes are the purist type.


Form is a three-dimensional element of photography and it creates depth, height and width. Form creates atmosphere by the shadows and angles, this means that form is literally shape but with highlights and shadows, thus making it three-dimensional .


Texture causes more emotion to be seen in a photograph as it causes depth. If the texture is emphasised with light and angles and this can make an image more interesting. The texture causes the viewers to see the feelings and emotions in the photograph.


This helps show size and it can create two photographs. If a pattern is broken (a chain link fence that has a hole in it for example) then it can create a dramatic effect and change the emotions and feelings of the photograph. A smooth pattern that isn’t broken can be more relaxing  and peaceful.


Shows emotion by the usage of warm and cool colours. Warm colours are reds, oranges and yellows whereas cool colours are blues and greens. Cool colours can suggest loneliness and sadness but can make the viewer feel calmer and relaxed. The warm colours can be more inviting and friendly even though some warm colours (red) can suggest anger or passion.  Cool colours can also make space seem bigger and more open than it is.


Space can make a photo feel welcoming or even isolated. The space around an object can make it so the object is the main focus and it can make the object seem sharper and more dynamic. Space creates motion and activity which creates the composition. Negative space (space around an object) brings balance to an object and will make boundaries. A photographer makes boundaries  using the rule of thirds.

Lighting on location– This is made by the sun. I would have to change my iso/aperture/shutter speed according how bright the sun is at that time

Architecture Tips-

  • Take Photos in different environments. For example, rain
  • Bring correct equipment (think about what you would need for the weather and where you would be)
  • Always be ready
  • Take your time and be patient
  • The light is very important so keep an eye on how bright it is or where the light is coming from
  • Try to use different perspectives- birds eye view for example
  • Use unique locations
  • Pick the colour/effect you want before taking the photo

Thoughts on where I will get the photos– I was thinking of going to Clifton Park as it has Trees and has more scenic views.