Photogram outcomes

What is a photogram?
“A picture produced with photographic materials, such as light-sensitive paper, but, without a camera”- Google


Why are there pink tints on some of the photograms?
The photogram wasn’t in  the fixer long enough. It needed to be in the fixer for at least five minutes.

The worst image was of a lace ribbon and it hadn’t even shown up on the light-sensitive paper. Instead of getting a crisp image of the ribbon all I got was a black photogram. Next time I will either give it less exposure to light or get an object that is more defined.

The best image I managed to get was of my necklace and ring. I managed to get good detail of the small links on the chain and as the ring was rather bulky it showed up on the photogram.

Some images need to be sharper. The reason it may not be as sharp as it should be is because of the exposure to the light or the amount of time in the developer.