Task 4- Project Portfolio

Task 4: Project PORTFOLIO 

You will now begin to create your portfolio of images around your selected theme.

  • Begin test work and edit workflow
  • Refine further, test, create
  • Attend critique sessions for feedback
  • Interpret research activity to develop ideas for creative production.
  • Use knowledge of characteristics and context to plan and develop creative solutions for a chosen media and communication activity.
  • Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding of characteristics and contexts to produce creative solutions for a chosen media and communication activity.

alongside creating the practical element of this project, you will continue working on the contextual aspects throughout (L3, Y2 Photography project 1 2017)

Remembrance Day

On Sunday the 12th of November, I went to the remembrance parade and took some photos. I took the photos as test shots for my project. I tried to stay out of the way so people were not disrupted by the loud noise of my camera. Pretty much nobody looked at me whilst I was taking the photographs. I did use three of the shots from this shoot as final images.

Please note that I did not take photographs during the two minute silence or the prayers out of respect for the dead and the people there.

Below is an image of The Reverend, who had just done a speech, in front of the Cenotaph. The image on the left is the original and you can tell because it has a blue haze over the image, which means that the temperature of the image is too cold. To rectify this I just adjusted the temperature to make the image warmer.


Below, are two images of the flags that had just been raised at the cenotaph. The image on the left is the original as it has more negative space and is much bluer. The image on the right is edited as I cropped it to make the flags more central, have less negative space and is a duller blue. I prefer the closeness of edited one but I don’t like the colour of either of the photographs; the one on the left has a very dark blue sky and the flags seem to blend into the background and the one on the right has a light blue sky that is very boring to me. The image doesn’t grab attention with the background, but luckily this emphasises the flags. I think I will go back into photoshop and edit again to try to put in more shadows to give the background more depth- this could differentiate the two flags from the sky.


Band at pub

On the 24th of November I went to a pub in Wombwell to take photographs of a cover band that was playing. I wasn’t there that long as I was very dizzy, which is a shame, but I did enjoy it.

The image on the left is the orignal and it has a very obvious blue hue, this is because of the strobe lights that went across the stage in the pub




Metrodome Shoots

On Monday the 27th of November I went to the Metrodome to take photographs of one of their employees who was dressed as a pirate Santa Claus for a promotional video they were putting on their social media. The theme is Calypso Cove in the swimming area and the Santa Claus bit is for the upcoming Christmas Festivities. The photographs below are more behind the scenes photographs but they could also be used as promotional images on ther website.

The two images below are of the employee in a cell under the stairs that lead to the swimming area. The image on the left is the original and I did like it as it had a little bit of grain in it. I like the way the light comes in from one direction which makes it look like there is somewhere better to be than in the cell. I wish there was a little bit more light on his face but not too much.

The second photo is clearly edited as it is in black and white. The black and white makes the image look sadder to me







On Wednesday the 29th I went to take photographs in college of some students rehearsing for an event. I managed to get quite a lot of photographs and I didn’t have to edit the photos that much. I mainly had to tone down the exposure and highlights as the lights were quite harsh. Every other set had different lighting which made it quite hard for the settings. The dancers and singers were very fast, as expected, so I had to compensate fast movement and lighting.

The left image is the original and the lighting on the middle people is too bright and there is no definition to their faces. The image on the right is the edited copy of the photograph- I turned the exposure down and adjusted the contrast accordingly.  The light is still quite bright but it works, it makes the girl in the very front stand out more.




Problems and Solutions

The printer broke so me and the other people in my class who wanted to print got their prints a few days late. This wasn’t too bad but If i had to hand my images in that day then I wouldn’t have been able to. A solution to this is going earlier for my prints.

Instagram wouldn’t upload my images, only black images, so I had to make the images smaller. I did this through going on photoshop, saving the image again as JPG and then putting the quality down to about 5mp.

On one of my events the weather decided to take a turn for the worst and it decided to snow which caused black ice and general slippy roads. I didn’t want to go on a bus that went through country roads as that could be dangerous (especially as there is one road where the bus had crashed before and that was on a sunny day, not a snowy night). Another problem that came to mind was that I could have been stranded away from home if the busses decided to stop. I did email in about two hours before the event started (it would have been earlier but I was constantly checking the weather).

The academy decided to say no to me being on the guest list and taking photographs, which is fine as they probably have their own photographers. Next time, I will ask in advance.


My prints cost roughly 16p per A3 sheet and I printed ten of them so it cost £1.60. I am happy with how the images turned out as they look exactly like I wanted them. I may reprint one image as I don’t know whether or not I want to edit it again.



My audience is quite varied as I can show my photographs to anybody as none are explicit and they are so varied.

My band photographs can be shown to anybody who is more into the rock genre as I went to a rock cover band at the pub and if I take photographs of more established bands then I can show these to magazines to get published. Most magazines have an online website as well so they can be shown through their social media and my own.

My college photographs of the rehearsals and college events have an audience of 16+ as it will be people who either attend my college or are looking at my college who will see the images. I know that some of my photographs are going to be used for marketing purposes for the college.

My photographs from the Metrodome will reach a wider audience as my photos will be shown through their media (for marketing purposes) and through my own social media. People who are interested in swimming, bowling and The Rigby events (bands, meals, etc) will most likely see my photographs.As I had to change my project slightly my audience changed as well. My audience got more varied as my project went from band and wrestling photography to more general event photography like fancy meals and rehearsals.


Task 5- Presentation


Reflection on presentation

On Monday the 4th I had to show the class my work via a presentation. The presentation is below.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The presentation, although basic, was enough for me as I mainly talked and worked off the small notes that I had in the presentation. After I showed my class my presentation I got some feedback.

I brought up to the class how my instagram wasn’t working and how it would only upload my images in full black. My tutor managed to tell me what to do. Kacey, my tutor, suggested that my photos could be too big so I had to go back into photoshop with the image and reduce the size when I saved it as a jpg.

It was suggested that I worked more on lighting and that I should have practiced more in the sort of events that had spotlights and strobe lights.

I was also told that I had a good range of events as it went from the Remembrance day to performances to behind the scenes images.



In this evaluation I will be using the Gibbs Reflective technique so I can critically reflect my work and what I have learnt.


For my project I decided to do event photography. At first, it was band and wrestling photography but due to not being able to find sufficient events for my project. This made it so I had to have more general events to go to. This made is much easier for me to find events.



Looking back at it, I have had a lot of mixed feelings to do with this project. At the start of the project I was quite confident as I felt excited about my work and I was really enthusiastic when I started my research. During the project I felt very stressed because I read the wrong deadline, which mean that I had thought that I had a week and a half longer than I had all of my events were after the actual deadline.

I felt extremely relieved when I got my photographs edited and printed as I knew that I had at least got my practical work done and that I would then be able to catch up on my written work. I also had a little sense of pride when my photographs were printed photographs that I liked a lot.

I feel like I didn’t reach my full potential in this project as I didn’t fully connect with it until it was too late. This has made it so I fell behind in my work. Luckily, when I started to take photographs of events I started to get back into the swing of things.



With all projects there are good and bad things that happen. One bad thing in my work is how I planned my events, If I had more focus on planning my work then I would have been more prepared for my events. Another issue was my confidence as I didn’t want to go to people and ask for their consent. It was already bad enough as I am very shy when it comes to talking to new people, especially on the phone.

The main issue that actually concerned my photographs is me. My health makes it so I can go very shaky so my images can go very blurry. This makes it so I need to take a lot of photographs (which is good as I have a lot of back up images) to ensure I have good photos.


The good things that came from this project are that I did manage to get some photographs that I truly love and most of the photos that I decided to edit didn’t need editing too much. Taking a lot of photos is something I do often as the chances of getting really good photos/ photos I love is higher than just taking about fifty photographs. I noticed that my photos improved a lot from start to finish as I started to get used to movement and lighting. The best outcome from this project has been that I managed to get a job from one of the places where I was taking photographs for.





In conclusion, I would have gone

Action Plan

I didn’t really have a production plan; just to take photographs when the events were and edit the next college day.  So next time, I will have a detailed production plan as from this projects experience I know that I need to have one and use it. With a production plan I can give my self back up time- this means that if anything had to be missed or rescheduled then I would be able to see when I could reschedule and still have enough time to edit where as without a production plan I pretty much winged it.

Next time I will also,

Task 3- Project Proposal

Task 3: PROJECT PROPOSAL: 9/10/17

The Reflection

This reflection is about my project proposal to my tutor and the feedback, which is limitted due to it just being shown to him and my friend, that I got back the two in the room.

On Friday 6th I had to show my project (which showed what I will be doing) to my tutor and peers and due to personal reasons I asked to just show it in front of my tutor and my close friend, this, my tutor had no issue with. I was met with acceptance and quite a bit of constructive criticism.

My tutor quite liked my idea- I think this is because my idea is quite different. He gave me ideas as to how to achieve the best photographs possible. One idea was to go to gyms to take photographs of the people there wrestling or boxing in order to get the settings right for the movement of them and not get a lot of blur. This would make it so when I go to my actual shoots for my final images I would have had sufficient practice to have my best possible images.

Another idea was to get in contact with someone that my tutor knows so I can take photographs of his band(S) at pubs. This, again, would get me a lot of experience for lights and movement in that sort of environment.

I would say my proposal went well as my tutor was intrigued by it and I got some good feedback. Even though my project proposal went well I think I could have done a lot better. For instance, I could have showed it to the entire class as I would have had a lot more feedback. I think that more feedback would help me with my project as I will be able to refine my work more and use my classmates as an audience. Having my classmates as a practice audience will make it so I can alter my images to their tastes. Even though that is a limited audience it will help me a lot.


Task 2- Core Audience


My images could be shown to an audience who reads magazines such as;
*WWE Magazine
*Pro Wrestling Illustrated

The reason as to why my photographs could be shown in wrestling magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated is because it promotes the wrestlers, venues and sport. They could be shown in band magazines like Kerrang! because I can also promote and showcase the musicians and venues. My photographs could be shown on wrestling websites and band websites to also promote the talent and venues.

The Wrestlers/Bands themselves will use those images to promote their own work on use of their social media like Twitter, Instagram and maybe their facebooks if they have them.

I would love my images to be in magazines and/or leaflets as it would show my work to a pretty established audience and I can get a copy of the leaflet/magazine for my professional portfolio to show my work has been published and I find it amazing at the idea of having a magazine or leaflet with my image(s).

I will be showing my work on my social media- Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and twitter. Twitter will be used to promote my Instagram and Facebook so more people will be able to see it. Instagram and Facebook are my main social media feeds for my photography so that will be updated pretty much every time I get new photographs. Wordpress will be used to show my work and how I am doing with my project. If I am working at venues then I can give the venues the images.

I want to upload my work every couple of days on my social media to keep my feed active, in fact, that is a main goal for me at the end of this project: to have a more active feed.

I will also be printing portfolio off before the end of my project so I can have hard copies of my work in case I go to interviews. I will be printing on A3 photo paper at college.

Obviously, I would love to take photographs of famous bands like U2 and wrestlers like Chris Jericho but I know that I need to work my up from the bottom so I could take photographs of garage bands or pub bands and slowly work my way up.

Hashtags and Statatistics

The hashtag that I use the most is ‘#college‘ which has 15,515,538 posts and the top three photographs average at 18.8k likes per image. A hashtag that is in every photographs is ‘#photography‘ which has 183,983,221 posts which averages at 2,049 likes per image. Another hashtag that is also in every photograph I post ‘#canon‘ which has 50,076,104 posts which averages at 12,944 likes per image. The hashtag that is in a few of my photographs is ‘#blackandwhite‘ which has 95,242,516 posts which averages 3,693.7 likes per image. A hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#band‘ which has 13,311,545 posts which averages 2751.7 likes per image as well as the hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#wrestling‘ which has 5,853,881 posts which averages like per image and the hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#event‘ which has 12,626,984 posts which averages per image

I could use more specific hashtags for more specific events. For example, I could use the hashtag ‘#WWE‘ which has 9,737,630 posts. On the top three photographs of the search page for this hashtag there is an average of 3,184 likes per post (excluding videos). The Instagram page of WWE has 13.9 Million followers which means if they used my photographs then I would be showcasing my work to a lot of people. Based on their top three posts, again, excluding videos, they average at 46.1k likes.

I know that as my photographs are posted I will learn how to use better hashtags to reach more people. I know that some of my posts have quite robotic descriptions so I really want to make them more personal so my audience can get involved with my journey in photography.

Statistics on when to post on Instagram

Sproutsocial (https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-stats/) found that Monday to Friday are the best days to post to maximize engagement.
There are some more findings:

  • Mondays show the strongest correlation to engagement overall
  • 3 p.m. is the least optimal time to post on any day
  • The most recommended times to post include 2 a.m., 8.a.m. and 5 p.m.

These findings will help me publicise my posts at the best times so more people may see my photos. Sadly, I don’t know what timezones these are for. I will keep looking on their website to see which timezone it is so I can then alter my post schedule to get a higher audience.




Project 1, Task 1


  • Select a genre of area of photography that you would specifically like to work/ study after college. You should justify this selection in a written essay of at least 500 words.
  • Conduct in depth Research and analysis into the wider areas of both historical and contemporary practice within your chosen genre/ area.
  • Consider how you are going to use your work to communicate your stories, ideas and style of photography. Analyse the characteristics and context for a chosen media and communication
  • Use the information learned here to inform your ideas and choices moving forwards for this project and build them into your project proposal. (L3, Y2 Photography Project 1 2017)

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Artist statement

Dannielle Drayton, is a level three Photography student at Rotherham College. She will be progressing to the extended diploma in September.
She has loved nature ever since she was young. Her work here explores the relationship between light and flowers.
Dannielle loves how simple certain flowers can look, so at first, the theme was simply to be flowers in their natural environment; Dannielle looked into how to correctly use the mixture of light and flowers and with the influences of Harold Davis and Heather Angel, decided upon lighting the flowers in this way.
She believes the simplicity of the context, the style of lighting, and how the light illuminates the flowers, allows the viewer to focus fully on the content within the frame.
Dannielle has always liked more simplistic/minimalistic images, so this project was very fitting for her.