Task 4- Project Portfolio

Task 4: Project PORTFOLIO 


Remembrance Day

On Sunday the 12th of November, I went to the remembrance parade and took some photos. I took the photos as test shots for my project. I tried to stay out of the way so people were not disrupted by the loud noise of my camera. Pretty much nobody looked at me whilst I was taking the photographs. I did use three of the shots from this shoot as final images.

Please note that I did not take photographs during the two minute silence or the prayers out of respect for the dead and the people there.

Below is an image of The Reverend, who had just done a speech, in front of the Cenotaph. The image on the left is the original and you can tell because it has a blue haze over the image, which means that the temperature of the image is too cold. To rectify this I just adjusted the temperature to make the image warmer.


Below, are two images of the flags that had just been raised at the cenotaph. The image on the left is the original as it has more negative space and is much bluer. The image on the right is edited as I cropped it to make the flags more central, have less negative space and is a duller blue. I prefer the closeness of edited one but I don’t like the colour of either of the photographs; the one on the left has a very dark blue sky and the flags seem to blend into the background and the one on the right has a light blue sky that is very boring to me. The image doesn’t grab attention with the background, but luckily this emphasises the flags. I think I will go back into photoshop and edit again to try to put in more shadows to give the background more depth- this could differentiate the two flags from the sky.


This is the final edited version. I like this photograph because it has a deeper background but it is also more focused on the flags. It isn’t one of my final images but it was close to being in my top 10 because I love how dark and detailed the flags are. You can actually see the dirt on white flag. The colours are rich and straight away gain my attention, there is also more detail in the shadow and the background isn’t dull anymore.



Band at pub

On the 24th of November I went to a pub in Wombwell to take photographs of a cover band that was playing. I wasn’t there that long as I was very dizzy, which is a shame, but I did enjoy it.

The image on the left is the original and it has a very obvious blue hue, this is because of the strobe lights that went across the stage in the pub. The edited version is definitely my favourite out of the two. One reason for this is because the black and white overlay that I put on it through Photoshop seems to take away the noise from the image. The blue hue does give the original image a sort of atmosphere and you can actually tell that the windows behind the guitarist are actually windows where as on the edited version it seems to be some sort of bulletin board and tends to take away some of the atmosphere, however, the edited one focuses more on the person where as the original doesn’t- I feel like the musician blends in with the background.

If I was to do this shoot again I would prepare more with lights to try and get better images. I would also take photographs from different angles so they’re more unique and not just standards images.


Metrodome Shoots

On Monday the 27th of November I went to the Metrodome to take photographs of one of their employees who was dressed as a pirate Santa Claus for a promotional video they were putting on their social media. The theme is Calypso Cove in the swimming area and the Santa Claus bit is for the upcoming Christmas Festivities. The photographs below are more behind the scenes photographs but they could also be used as promotional images on ther website.

The two images below are of the employee in a cell under the stairs that lead to the swimming area. The image on the left is the original and I did like it as it had a little bit of grain in it. I like the way the light comes in from one direction which makes it look like there is somewhere better to be than in the cell. I wish there was a little bit more light on his face but not too much.

The second photo is clearly edited as it is in black and white. I do like the original image as it has a certain amount of grain (created from the steam in the swimming area) and the wood above the subjects head makes it look like he is in an actual cell whereas the edited image has made it so the wood looks more of just a block of PVC with no definition. The green lighting from the bottom of the original image also reflects from the wood which makes. Both images stand out to me in their own ways, the green, browns, reds and whites in the image seem to contrast quite nice to me. because even though the background has dull tones the green seems to catch the viewers eye because it is quite subtle. The black and white makes the image look sadder to me as it seems to emphasise the look the subject is giving.




The two images to me look very similar, to the point they look the same, but they are in fact different. The image on the left is the original which is slightly darker and has a little bit of noise. You can only just see on the edited image that it has less shadow on the jacket



On Wednesday the 29th I went to take photographs in college of some students rehearsing for an event. I managed to get quite a lot of photographs and I didn’t have to edit the photos that much. I mainly had to tone down the exposure and highlights as the lights were quite harsh. Every other set had different lighting which made it quite hard for the settings. The dancers and singers were very fast, as expected, so I had to compensate fast movement and lighting. I had to use a very high Iso for this as the environment was very dark but the lighting was very harsh and bright.

The left image is the original and the lighting on the middle people is too bright and there is no definition to their faces. The image on the right is the edited copy of the photograph- I turned the exposure down and adjusted the contrast accordingly.  The light is still quite bright but it works, as it makes the girl in the very front stand out more.


My Final Images

The ten images below in the slide show are my final ten images. I chose these images because they stood out to me the most.

The rehearsal image looks like something you would see in a booklet showing off theatre productions



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



For this project I did a lot of research. First I had to pick which genre of photography, which was Event photography. This meant I had to look into photographers who did this type of photography. I found photographers like Ann Buster (who takes photographs of bands) and Oli Sandler (who takes photographs of all sort of events including wrestling and bands). Both these photographers are contemporary. Both Oli and Ann inspired me to take photographs of bands and wrestlers. Their photographs really intrigued me- Ann’s photos emphasised the lighting which is really interesting as it didn’t take away from the musicians. Oli’s photos were both portraiture and of the event as it goes on and I liked this because it shows variety.

It was required of me to ask them questions in hope they would answer. I did this via email and not every photographer got back to me but this was fine as i know they could be busy.

The people who did get back to me gave me information that was quite useful. I think the best information I got was from Charles Peterson, a band photographer who told me to be unique, and from Oli Sandler who told me to be passionate and professional.

I had to look into all sorts of events that were near me and there some but a lot were at bad times (too close when I had researched them so i had no time) or quite far away. One thing that eased my mind was that I knew how I was going to share my  images and that would be through my social media, Instagram, Facebook, etc, and I will be printing them.


I am not good at planning at all. I have never been able to stick to a plan and for this project I regretted not being able to stick to a plan. If I planned my work then I would have been able to keep my deadlines and not get into a panic.

My actual plan was loose: take photographs of the events when possible and then edit as soon as I could and after that I would do my written work. This made it so I could get everything done pretty quickly.

Of course, things didn’t go to plan so I had to change my already loose plans. I had to do it so I had to go from this loose plan to just trying to find as many events as possible and not really caring about when I would edit. I say ‘not really caring’ but I did care, just, in my panicked mind it wasn’t a priority at that time. As soon as I got six events planned with dates and times I looked into when I would edit my images.

I had thought of the different types of photos I would be doing when I first did my research and they were predominantly close ups and far away shots (most focused on one person) but as I fully looked into the new events I was having to do (fancy meals and such) I had to think of different ways to get the subject(s) to look good. As I started the events I got more comfortable and starting getting different angles, sadly, this took me a while to get into but I did get into it eventually and I have noticed how my shots have improved.

As I didn’t have a production plan I learned how to improvise and get things done quickly and effectively. I did lose my confidence as it let me doubt myself too much.

Problems and Solutions

The printer broke so me and the other people in my class who wanted to print got their prints a few days late. This wasn’t too bad but If i had to hand my images in that day then I wouldn’t have been able to. A solution to this is going earlier for my prints.

Instagram wouldn’t upload my images, only black images, so I had to make the images smaller. I did this through going on photoshop, saving the image again as JPG and then putting the quality down to about 5mp.

On one of my events the weather decided to take a turn for the worst and it decided to snow which caused black ice and general slippy roads. I didn’t want to go on a bus that went through country roads as that could be dangerous (especially as there is one road where the bus had crashed before and that was on a sunny day, not a snowy night). Another problem that came to mind was that I could have been stranded away from home if the busses decided to stop. I did email in about two hours before the event started (it would have been earlier but I was constantly checking the weather).

The academy decided to say no to me being on the guest list and taking photographs, which is fine as they probably have their own photographers. Next time, I will ask in advance.


I didn’t do that much editing as I am still not the biggest fan of it. I like my photos as natural as possible and sometimes I don’t think I can achieve this. Most of the time I just slightly edit the exposure and sometimes temperature. With more practice I will get better at it. I also cropped a few images to get rid of some negative space but I don’t really class this as editing.



My prints cost roughly 16p per A3 sheet and I printed ten of them so it cost £1.60. I am happy with how the images turned out as they look exactly like I wanted them and I liked how thick the matte paper was at 300gsm. I may reprint one image as I don’t know whether or not I want to edit it again.

I also had to buy a portfolio in order to keep my prints safe from weather and just general wear and tear. This only cost £6 pounds from The Works and I had spare money on me so I was able to buy it. My prints went straight into my portfolio. I bought this a few days before I got my prints as the printer broke on the day I bought the portfolio which I didn’t know when I bought it. This also made it so I didn’t have my prints on me when I did my presentation.

I really like how my prints looked as there is no grain and the colours came out how they were on the computer. The colours had depth and didn’t look dull or murky. The prints also had a very nice white border which gave a nice frame to the photographs.


My audience is quite varied as I can show my photographs to anybody as none are explicit and they are so varied.

My band photographs can be shown to anybody who is more into the rock genre as I went to a rock cover band at the pub and if I take photographs of more established bands then I can show these to magazines to get published. Most magazines have an online website as well so they can be shown through their social media and my own.

My college photographs of the rehearsals and college events have an audience of 16+ as it will be people who either attend my college or are looking at my college who will see the images. I know that some of my photographs are going to be used for marketing purposes for the college.

My photographs from the Metrodome will reach a wider audience as my photos will be shown through their media (for marketing purposes) and through my own social media. People who are interested in swimming, bowling and The Rigby events (bands, meals, etc) will most likely see my photographs.As I had to change my project slightly my audience changed as well. My audience got more varied as my project went from band and wrestling photography to more general event photography like fancy meals and rehearsals.


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