Task 5- Presentation

Reflection on presentation

On Monday the 4th I had to show the class my work via a presentation. The presentation is below. I got some feedback from my peers and tutor.



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The presentation, although basic, was enough for me as I mainly talked and worked off the small notes that I had in the presentation. After I showed my class my presentation I got some feedback.

I brought up to the class how my instagram wasn’t working and how it would only upload my images in full black. My tutor managed to tell me what to do. Kasey, my tutor, suggested that my photos could be too big so I had to go back into photoshop with the image and reduce the size when I saved it as a jpg.

I wasn’t really told anything on the editing of my images but the projector didn’t really do my photographs justice as it gave all of the images an orange tinge- this did happen to all of the class who presented so everyone understood this.

It was suggested that I worked more on lighting and that I should have practiced more in the sort of events that had spotlights and strobe lights. I was also told that I had a good range of events as it went from the Remembrance day to performances to behind the scenes images.


In this evaluation I will be using the Gibbs Reflective technique so I can critically reflect my work and what I have learnt. Below, the headings are part of the Gibbs Reflective system. I have merged some like Evaluation and Analysis and Conclusion with my Action Plan.


For my project I decided to do event photography. At first, it was band and wrestling photography but due to not being able to find sufficient events for my project. This made it so I had to have more general events to go to. This made it so much easier for me to find events. I took these type of photographs because I enjoy music and wrestling and other types of events.

I knew that this would push me out of my comfort zone and this would help me get more comfortable and get me more experience. I have apreciated event photography for years as I have been into concerts and other events for a long time and I thought if I don’t do it now for this project, which is the perfect opportunity, I may not ever do it.


Looking back at it, I have had a lot of mixed feelings to do with this project. At the start of the project I was quite confident as I felt excited about my work and I was really enthusiastic when I started my research. During the project I felt very stressed because I read the wrong deadline, which mean that I had thought that I had a week and a half longer than I had all of my events were after the actual deadline.

I felt extremely relieved when I got my photographs edited and printed as I knew that I had at least got my practical work done and that I would then be able to catch up on my written work. I also had a little sense of pride when my photographs were printed photographs that I liked a lot.

I feel like I didn’t reach my full potential in this project as I didn’t fully connect with it until it was too late. This has made it so I fell behind in my work. Luckily, when I started to take photographs of events I started to get back into the swing of things.

I feel like my project is quite unique as no one else in my class is doing event photography, others are mainly doing landscape and fashion photography.

Evaluation and Analysis


With all projects there are good and bad things that happen. One bad thing in my work is how I planned my events, If I had more focus on planning my work then I would have been more prepared for my events. Another issue was my confidence as I didn’t want to go to people and ask for their consent. It was already bad enough as I am very shy when it comes to talking to new people, especially on the phone.

The main issue that actually concerned my photographs is me. My health makes it so I can go very shaky so my images can go very blurry. This makes it so I need to take a lot of photographs (which is good as I have a lot of back up images) to ensure I have good photos.


The good things that came from this project are that I did manage to get some photographs that I truly love and most of the photos that I decided to edit didn’t need editing too much. Taking a lot of photos is something I do often as the chances of getting really good photos/ photos I love is higher than just taking about fifty photographs. I noticed that my photos improved a lot from start to finish as I started to get used to movement and lighting. The best outcome from this project has been that I managed to get a job from one of the places where I was taking photographs for.

In terms of social media, I would have liked it if I had more of a response (comments and likes) as this shows that people apreciate my work, comments especially, show this but this is fine as I know I will slowly get a following.

Conclusion and Action Plan

In conclusion, I could have done more test shoots to improve my skills and build my confidence. If I had a higher self esteem then I would have been more comfortable and would have been able to walk around and be less stiff and I find that if I am more relaxed then I get better photos in terms of composition and angles.

If I were to do this I would do a production plan as I didn’t really have a production plan. It was just to take photographs when the events were and edit the next college day.  So next time, I will have a detailed production plan as from this projects experience I know that I need to have one and use it. With a production plan I can give my self back up time- this means that if anything had to be missed or rescheduled then I would be able to see when I could reschedule and still have enough time to edit where as without a production plan I pretty much winged it.

Next time I will also be more motivated, I will take photographs more in and out of my college projects and write up about them so it keeps me focused on my work and I will be able improve my written and practical skills.



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