Task 3- Project Proposal

Task 3: PROJECT PROPOSAL: 9/10/17

The Reflection

This reflection is about my project proposal to my tutor and the feedback, which is limitted due to it just being shown to him and my friend, that I got back the two in the room.

On Friday 6th I had to show my project (which showed what I will be doing) to my tutor and peers and due to personal reasons I asked to just show it in front of my tutor and my close friend, this, my tutor had no issue with. I was met with acceptance and quite a bit of constructive criticism.

My tutor quite liked my idea- I think this is because my idea is quite different. He gave me ideas as to how to achieve the best photographs possible. One idea was to go to gyms to take photographs of the people there wrestling or boxing in order to get the settings right for the movement of them and not get a lot of blur. This would make it so when I go to my actual shoots for my final images I would have had sufficient practice to have my best possible images.

Another idea was to get in contact with someone that my tutor knows so I can take photographs of his band(S) at pubs. This, again, would get me a lot of experience for lights and movement in that sort of environment.

I would say my proposal went well as my tutor was intrigued by it and I got some good feedback. Even though my project proposal went well I think I could have done a lot better. For instance, I could have showed it to the entire class as I would have had a lot more feedback. I think that more feedback would help me with my project as I will be able to refine my work more and use my classmates as an audience. Having my classmates as a practice audience will make it so I can alter my images to their tastes. Even though that is a limited audience it will help me a lot.



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