Task 2- Core Audience


My images could be shown to an audience who reads magazines such as;
*WWE Magazine
*Pro Wrestling Illustrated

The reason as to why my photographs could be shown in wrestling magazines like Pro Wrestling Illustrated is because it promotes the wrestlers, venues and sport. They could be shown in band magazines like Kerrang! because I can also promote and showcase the musicians and venues. My photographs could be shown on wrestling websites and band websites to also promote the talent and venues.

The Wrestlers/Bands themselves will use those images to promote their own work on use of their social media like Twitter, Instagram and maybe their facebooks if they have them.

I would love my images to be in magazines and/or leaflets as it would show my work to a pretty established audience and I can get a copy of the leaflet/magazine for my professional portfolio to show my work has been published and I find it amazing at the idea of having a magazine or leaflet with my image(s).

I will be showing my work on my social media- Instagram, Facebook, WordPress and twitter. Twitter will be used to promote my Instagram and Facebook so more people will be able to see it. Instagram and Facebook are my main social media feeds for my photography so that will be updated pretty much every time I get new photographs. Wordpress will be used to show my work and how I am doing with my project. If I am working at venues then I can give the venues the images.

I want to upload my work every couple of days on my social media to keep my feed active, in fact, that is a main goal for me at the end of this project: to have a more active feed.

I will also be printing portfolio off before the end of my project so I can have hard copies of my work in case I go to interviews. I will be printing on A3 photo paper at college.

Obviously, I would love to take photographs of famous bands like U2 and wrestlers like Chris Jericho but I know that I need to work my up from the bottom so I could take photographs of garage bands or pub bands and slowly work my way up.

Hashtags and Statatistics

The hashtag that I use the most is ‘#college‘ which has 15,515,538 posts and the top three photographs average at 18.8k likes per image. A hashtag that is in every photographs is ‘#photography‘ which has 183,983,221 posts which averages at 2,049 likes per image. Another hashtag that is also in every photograph I post ‘#canon‘ which has 50,076,104 posts which averages at 12,944 likes per image. The hashtag that is in a few of my photographs is ‘#blackandwhite‘ which has 95,242,516 posts which averages 3,693.7 likes per image. A hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#band‘ which has 13,311,545 posts which averages 2751.7 likes per image as well as the hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#wrestling‘ which has 5,853,881 posts which averages like per image and the hashtag that is going to be in this project’s photographs is ‘#event‘ which has 12,626,984 posts which averages per image

I could use more specific hashtags for more specific events. For example, I could use the hashtag ‘#WWE‘ which has 9,737,630 posts. On the top three photographs of the search page for this hashtag there is an average of 3,184 likes per post (excluding videos). The Instagram page of WWE has 13.9 Million followers which means if they used my photographs then I would be showcasing my work to a lot of people. Based on their top three posts, again, excluding videos, they average at 46.1k likes.

I know that as my photographs are posted I will learn how to use better hashtags to reach more people. I know that some of my posts have quite robotic descriptions so I really want to make them more personal so my audience can get involved with my journey in photography.

Statistics on when to post on Instagram

Sproutsocial (https://sproutsocial.com/insights/instagram-stats/) found that Monday to Friday are the best days to post to maximize engagement.
There are some more findings:

  • Mondays show the strongest correlation to engagement overall
  • 3 p.m. is the least optimal time to post on any day
  • The most recommended times to post include 2 a.m., 8.a.m. and 5 p.m.

These findings will help me publicise my posts at the best times so more people may see my photos. Sadly, I don’t know what timezones these are for. I will keep looking on their website to see which timezone it is so I can then alter my post schedule to get a higher audience.





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