Task 3

What I need to do:-

-Take photos at home
-Edit at college
-Do shots again

Social Media:

Chloe, Amy and I  made a tag for our project ‘#MyFMP2017’. We did this as we can upload our photos and people can find our specific images for our projects. We did it as a group to get more promotion for each other. We will use this on all forms of media.

I will use tags for the date and when the exhibition will be and I will also post a photo of the date/price (if any)/time/when it will be. I will do that closer to the time

Now the class will be using it for their instagram as well. This is good as the hashtag will have all of our work on it. So far it just has images from me and Amy but there will be a lot more photos from the people in our class.


12th/4th – Take photos of flowers for composition

Mon- Do production plan
       Get mounting looked up/bought etc-

I looked everywhere for A2 Foam board that was affordable for me and I couldn’t find what I felt was the best product for me. I found A3 foam board at The Works for a price that suited me so I will be going with that. It is a size smaller but I don’t mind that, as long as the photos look good then I am happy. I have never used Foam board before so I will use one of the sheets (it is a pack of five) and use it as a practice round. I will use small photos, put them on the board and then see how they are after a week or two to see if the amount of adhesive I used will be enough (or perhaps too much).

Take shots-

I took some test shots using my light box, white paper/card and my camera. I found that when I merged the photos on ‘Fotor’ I got patchy a background so I tried greaseproof paper to see if that made a difference: it didn’t. I will use photoshop at college to merge the images without getting the copyright of another site on my image and I will also use photoshop to create a solid white background.

From Harold Davis: https://pixsy.com/flowers-for-transparency/

From Denise Ippolito: https://deniseippolito.smugmug.com/Photography/Fine-Art-Gallery/

One website that will help for backgrounds: http://diycraftphotography.com/photoshop-tutorial-solid-white-background/

General information for taking shots of flowers with white backgrounds: https://www.ephotozine.com/article/flower-photography-tips-15631

For black backgrounds; https://www.nikonians.org/reviews/floral-and-other-macro-subjects-on-black

To make a white background on photoshop you have to;

  • Layers window
  • Duplicate Layer
  • Open the levels
  • Adjust to white
  • Duplicate first Image again
  • Add layer mask
  • Hard round brush tool
  • Get the layer mask itself
  • Change to black
  • Get the image itself airbrushed so it will show in colour

There are some videos on youtube that I will look at as well as I follow images/video better than written or verbal instructions.
Take test shots


Not at college, Update WordPress
Try and edit at home

I tried to merge the images at home but my software isn’t very good, I managed to do some online but there was a copyright of the website on the image. I will be able to merge the images at college using photoshop. I will do this on thursday and see what I can do the next time to make my images better.
Write up on WordPress
-Use photoshop, upload photos to instagram
-Write up about how I edited them
-Get tripod for friday
Do test shots

***Every Tuesday after this I will make it so I upload all social media


My tutor showed the class some prints today to show us the sizes. The sizes feel smaller than I remember them being so I really would like to do A2 prints. I have a feeling that this would be too big though so I will try A3 and A2 to see which looks better. I have also looked at the Range for Foam board and an A1 foam board is £3 which would be more cost effective for me as I can put multiple images on the foam board.
Update WordPress
Do final shots

Today everything was printed and I even bought my foam board. All together it cost me £5.82.
Get adhesive- £5
Today I managed to put my prints on the foam board. It was pretty easy to do. I had to cut the images down and they were easy to do other than a certain photo as you couldn’t see the border. I had to print it again and have crop marks on the bottom so I could cut the border.

The images

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some images that I have edited/merged. The images are all from my first test shoot.

I like all the images, I just don’t like that the flowers in the inverted images have very bright centres. This is because they were a very dark green (as you can see in the non-inverted images). I have decided to get flowers with light centres and i want to mainly look at white flowers for the inverted images. I don’t think I will use the inverted images for my exhibition as most of the flowers look quite alien. The more normal images are not as translucent as I want them to be but I could probably make them more translucent by researching it more.

I printed three images that I have done to see what they would look like when they are printed. The best print is an inverted image that I have done, I also really like the black and white image I printed. The prints were done by ordinary paper and an ordinary printer so the prints are not that special to me. I think they will look a lot better when they are printed professionally.



Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.22.37

Just some of Amy and I’s images in the hashtag.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.51.26

A behind the scenes (sort of) image.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.48.00

This is one of the many edits of the images I have taken. I will not use the edited images in my exhibition.

I showed my work to my tutors and they liked it. They liked how I had edited certain images. My project is different when it is compared to the other people in my class. No one has taken images of flowers, never mind, using equipment such as a light box. They said the work could have been better if I had printed it larger.

How I printed:-

We printed through college, the prints look professional and were very cheap. It cost me 82p for five A3 prints. The paper is more like card in terms of thickness and really shows my images well.

The exhibition

The exhibition is from Tuesday the 13th to Monday the 27th of June 2017.  There is a private viewing on the 12th of June from 5:30pm to 7pm, this will be where the class has to go.


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