Task 2


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Reflection on feedback (7th April)

Today I had to present my work to one of my tutors and get feedback. It was supposed to be in front of the class but I wasn’t in so I had to  do it another day and I went into a separate room so i just presented to my tutor. The presentation was short and sweet.

This is what was said/decided:


I want to use foam board for my photographs in my exhibition so the images aren’t flush against the wall. This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to showcase work. The prices for foam board were just in my budget. There are some prices below:-

Hobbycraft- £9 for five pieces of A3
Works- £5 for five pieces of A3

I decided to go for the foam board from The Works as it was cheaper and it was still good quality.

The paper I will print my images onto costs roughly fifteen pence per sheet and will be printed from a canon printer onto canon paper. The paper, to me, seems to be luster paper. I think the prints will turn out really well- the images should be clear and sharp with colour, the paper should be nice and smooth with a mixture of a glossy and matte finish. The prints will only take a matter of minutes to print which makes it a lot easier as I can get on with my written work.


My tutor and I talked and he suggested I use the hashtags on Instagram and to create my own so when people click on it, it will be just my images (or a groups images). I decided to share my work on both Facebook and Instagram as together, they had a bigger audience which meant more people would see my work.


I will use Instagram to publish my work and show progress. With Instagram you can use hashtags so people can find your work quicker and easier. Instagram is international so a lot of people will see my work if they look through the hashtags I used.

Behind the scenes-

To show my progress I will be showing photos (and maybe videos) of my work. For instance, I will be showing images of my light box and the set up so people can see how I did my work. Doing this will also improve my grade.

Getting the grade I want-

In order to get the grade I want (a distinction) I have to compare and critically analyse all of my work.

To critically analyse my work I had to research, give a balance of pros and cons about my work, give relevant evidence and give a clear presentation.I have to make sure my practical work is good, show how I have done my work and show how I have edited the images from taking the shot to how they are when they are printed. I have to make sure all of my written work has at least the minimum amount of words needed but the work has to reach expectations and be good quality.


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