Plan D

How things have changed.

Now, I like this plan a lot. It means I can talk to people and show others the differences of how life is now compared to other generations when they were ages 16 to 21. I plan to interview at least one person from each generation (there are three generations I can talk to) and ask them a series of questions and get them to elaborate certain answers. What I may do is get photos of them and put the audio over the photos.

Think of questions:-

-What was it like when you were aged 16-20?
-What kind of media had the biggest influence during this time?-How has society changed since then?
-Is there anything that hasn’t changed?
-How was the social scene?
-What sort of social activities did you do?
-What is the opinion of the youth today?

What to do:-
-Talk to people who could be in the video
-Arrange to meet with them
-Give them questions to look at
-Record the interview on the eddiroll and camera
-Give the camera and eddiroll five seconds before letting them speak- so it can be synced
-Edit my voice out
-Look at footage and see what can be added
-Go back to people and re-record


  • Wed- Call people to see if they will be in the video
  • Thurs- Go to people and record
  • Fri- Record
  • Sat- Carry on recording
  • Sun- Have a break
  • Mon- Edit
  • Tue- Re-record
  • Wed- Edit
  • Thur- Edit
  • Fri- Edit
  • Sat-
  • Sun- Sort out any bumps in the audio-visual
  • Mon- Hand in

Who will be in it:-

  • My grandad
  • Or Nanan
  • My mum
  • Or Dad
  • My brother

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