Plan C/D

So, my plan B may fail due to phones not working (not sending important information) as the next schedule may be too late.

My plan is the Life of a Dog.

Basically, to carry on my theme of dogs, I would video my dog and give the story of how we got him and he got a new dog as a friend. I would use videos and photos to show how they have grown and then use text on the video to be used as the speech. The sound would be of the dogs playing.

I would rather not do this as for me it feels quite cringe and it honestly just doesn’t click with me. I have been talking with other people about what I could do and something I thought of was interviewing different generations and comparing what life was like then and what it is like now.

Plan D

Now, I like this plan a lot. It means I can talk to people and show others the differences of how life is now compared to other generations when they were ages 16 to 21. I plan to interview at least one person from each generation (there are three generations I can talk to) and ask them a series of questions and get them to elaborate certain answers. What I may do is get photos of them and put the audio over the photos.


-What was it like when you were aged 16-20? x
-What kind of media had the biggest influence during this time?-How has society changed since then? x
-Is there anything that hasn’t changed? x
-How was the social scene? x
-What sort of social activities did you do? x
-What is the opinion of the youth today x

Action Plan:-

-Think of questions
-Talk to people who could be in the video
-Arrange to meet with them-Give them questions to look at
-Record the interview on the eddiroll and camera
-Give the camera and eddiroll five seconds before letting them speak- so it can be synced
-Edit my voice out
-Look at footage and see what can be added
-Go back to people and re-record


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