Production Plan

The video has to be between three and five minutes.

-If there is sound then I think it will be piano work- I want it calm and as background noise

 -Title and who it is from- 8Below
-Introduce dog(s)

 -Give story
-Show footage of them playing/running
-I would ask questions like;
-Why this dog?
-Has the dog changed?
-Would you suggest this place to other people?
-What made you adopt?

 -Give credit to shelter and people who have been in it/helped

-Don’t want it heavily edited/obviously edited
-May make a shorter video (better for adverts) as well- depends on what 8Below want
-Most rescue adds are a minute long

When Do I take footage?
-Should be the weekend of the 28th/will be discussed

What do I need?
-The paddock
-Talk to adopters/potential adopters
-Back story
-The dogs

-Cannot take photos or videos of kennels as they are private


Plan C

-The life of a dog (my dog)
Basically, to carry on my theme of dogs, I would video my dog and give the story of how we got him and he got a new dog as a friend. I would use videos and photos to show how they have grown and use text on the video to be used as the speech. The sound would be of the dogs playing.

Now, this idea is my last resort and I doubt that I will need to use this idea. I like this idea but not as much as I like the idea of 8below.


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