Main idea

My main idea is to do footage of the rescue dogs at 8 below. My reasoning for this is because I picked this and another rescue to do but that rescue had to decline as they were too busy. This was fine. I decided to do animals as I love them and I rescued one from the shelter that had declined me. Showing people how animals can need help and promoting 8 below means that more dogs could be adopted. It also shows what can happen to dogs in certain homes.

I want images and videos of the dogs play, eating, having walks, etc. I will practice taking videos and photos of my own dogs so I can see how it would work and see what I would need to use to alter/amplify certain aspects (eg. sound). My practice shots will be in the garden/woods and the actual shots would be at the shelter. It shouldn’t take long to film- maybe a couple of hours over different days to get various shots.

My target audience is animal lovers and the general public. The animal lovers would love it as it is about dogs and the general public would see what it is like in shelters and how they need to be adopted.


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