Works I looked at for inspiration:
-Destino 2003
-Paperman Short
-Invention of love
-Duet- Glen Keane
-The god (Pixar)
**None of these gave me inspiration as they weren’t relevant for my theme

Top film sounds (according to WatchMojo) that I liked:
-Transporter from Star Trek
-Proton Packs from Ghostbusters
-Lightsabers/Vader breathing from Star Wars
**None of these would be used as they would not be relevant to what my theme is

Tips about sound from a star wars behind the scene documentary:
-Make sure the sound is realistic
-Revisit the video and refine
-Think of emotions you want to show
-Let others hear and give feedback
-Look more into weird sounds and think what could be used
-Look at the video and re-film if needed
-Timing and sync is key
-A lot of sounds will be used

Ideas I worked from;
-Going to a wildlife park and filming about captivity
-Film about Rain Rescue animals and how Lexi (my own dog) is after it**
-Film about 8 Below*~
**First option
*~Second option, only to use if option one doesn’t work/happen


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