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These are the positives to my negatives. I don’t like all of them but I do like the majority. My personal favorites are the ones that show detail- the two images that show clear light, the very pale/ underexposed one that shows the outside building and the one that has the light at the top right-hand side (reminds me of a horror movie for some reason).

I don’t like the bottom two pinholes as they are too light and show no detail at all. That is disappointing but I can learn from my notes how to make them better for in the future, besides, it was only my second attempt at using a pinhole camera.

I made my negatives positive by scanning them into a Mac from my book and then going on to Photoshop > Image > Adjustments > Invert. As it was easy and had simple steps I did it in a matter of minutes. Next time I will use curves and levels to adjust the images so there is more defined detail and shadow/highlight.


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