File- open- select

Camera Raw is the editing before the official edit.

Temperature means white balance.

Can change exposure

When on Photoshop-


  • Pull out saturation by going on hue saturation
  • Image – adjustments – B&W
  • **Layer adjust – solid colour – Black – normal – colour


  • Image – adjust – contrast
  • **O – Curves adjustment layer – a slight S


  • Get tool from left side of the program and click on blemishes
  • Large blemishes need the patch tool where you draw around the area


  • Filter- liquefy


  • Filter – Sharpen – Unsharp mask

Saving images;

  • Raw=original
  • Hi-res- jpg (12)
  • Web-jpg, 8, go to image, size and change to pixels- put highest number to 2000



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