Location photographers

Henri Cartier-Bresson-

Henri Cartier- Bresson came from a wealthy household and learnt about the arts and literature in school. He soon rebelled against his parents capitalist ways and drifted towards communism. He went to Africa to hunt wild boar and the like but soon became uninterested and became interested in photography. He started to use a Brownie camera that he had got as a gift. Henri actually preferred taking the photos rather than making prints or showing it off. He also hated editing. Henri had taken photos of the Spanish Civil War and even the Chinese revolution.

Dorothea Lange-

Dorothea Lange is famous for her photographs during the Great Depression. Being brought up in a household that supported education and the arts she decided to become a professional photographer. At 23 years old she got her own portrait studio in San Francisco. She documented the lives of Americans for years and even went to places like Korea with her second husband. She got recruited by the OWI at the beginning of WWII and had to take photographs of Japenese- American internments and again in 1945 to document the San Fransisco conference that created the UN. She also co-founded a small book publishing company and did assignments for Life magazine.

Ansel Adams-

Ansel Adams is best known for taking photos of the wilderness.  His black and white images really are noticed as they are so vivid in shadow and light. Both Dorothea and Ansel tried to change politics and society through art. Ansel took photos of the camps during WWII to show the wartime injustice. His images were reproduced in calendars, books, and posters. His love for nature is shown through his photography as he really does show the perfections and flaws. Perfections more so than flaws.


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