Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was a photographer, famous for fashion and Portrait photography. He became well known in the fifties for his work. Taking photos of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. In the Fifties, he was known as ‘photographies brightest star’.

However, years (1946) before that he went to Paris which gave him the freedom to get photos of the French fashion- France was the capital of fashion. His photos truly give the viewer the belief of romance and his photos were very flowing- photographers before him made their models into statues and there was barely any emotion.

His family were a great help when he was growing up. His Father owned a fashion shop called Avedon’s, his sister was his model/muse and his mother taught him to be very open and express himself.  

Avedon had a signature to his work; the use of a white background. He tried to get raw photos of people so he could show the true emotions of his models. His own son said that he brought out the tragedy of people in photos.

Avedon took photos of his fears and always followed political concerns and his photos would show stories.  He took photos of his father dying which were, and still are, controversial. Avedon took personal photographs and even admitted that a part of him was in each photograph. To me many of his photographs show sadness and pain and he showed this through the eyes of his subjects. To say that he thought that something of him was in every, or many, photo(s) it could suggest that he was a very sad man.


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