David Bailey

David Bailey, an English photographer has helped change the ways of photography (especially Fashion). Bailey got photos of people like Jean Shrimpton and Marie Helvin and even the queen. His black and white photography is the best to me as it really shows emotions and feeling. I suppose there is a grunge look to some of his images as well.

Bailey’s work reflected the 60s trend. Bailey’s creative work went as far as directing tv shows and making books. One of his books included the nude images of Marie Helvin. This created controversy as, apparently, she didn’t give consent to him releasing the photos publicly. Women actually liked the book whereas men didn’t.

His images were not only provocative but they broke tradition. He would talk to models before taking photographs of them. He was very dominant when he was in the studio and had control of what happened. His work became quick and efficient. He became so well liked and popular that celebs would go to his house studio. Alice Cooper specifically chose Bailey as the photographer for Billion Dollar Babies (an album)- this caused a lot of trouble with laws as the amount of money used was vast and the money could’ve been classed as a breach of counterfeiting laws. His Warhol show actually got his contract with the BBC cancelled.

He wanted location shots, which are more romantic, so he went to places like turkey, Egypt, Papua new guinea and Hong Kong. The shoots from Turkey were symbolic, exotic, cultural but subtle and had realism with them. The shoot got him a 14-page spread. Papua new Guinea was remote and very dangerous yet he still went which shows that he is a very dedicated worker. His Hong Kong shoot showed the struggles and sadness which hit the public.

In 1972 Bailey Started to publish a magazine called Ritz. The magazine was about fashion and photography. This was the start of the Paparazzi and very important people bought it.He soon left that business in 1980 and left the other co-owner to own it. By 1976 people, especially vogue, thought he had ‘burnt himself out’.

David Bailey kept pushing boundaries and that is what got him famous. If he hadn’t have done this then Photography wouldn’t be how it is today. I personally love David Bailey as an artist. All of his images have emotion and feeling. Every person in his photographs have character and tell a story.


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