Contact Sheets


  • Photo paper
  • Glass negative holder
  • Black card
  • Negatives

How to make them;

  • Go into dark room with equipment
  • Go to an enlarger or a light where you can adjust the timer
  • Put photo paper on glass holder
  • Put negatives on the photo paper (I cut my negatives into six and then placed them in rows)
  • Set time to one second
  • Place card over about 90% of the negatives and press start on the light
  • Keep moving card over the negatives until there are no negatives left and press the start button each time the card moves*
  • Develop the same as you would with pinhole prints
  • Whatever the correct exposure is you then use on the next contact print- you don’t need the card for this

*At first the negatives you first expose will only be exposed for one second but as you expose the other prints for one second at a time the first exposed negatives will have a longer exposure

The correct exposure for me is usually 2.5-3 seconds but this doesn’t always work.


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