35mm film camera

Today I used the 35mm camera (Asahi Pentax, K1000) for the first time. I went round Rotherham with a friend and we shared the camera had a roll of film which gave us roughly twenty shots each.

The settings used;

  • Iso=125
  • Aperture=F/5.6
  • Shutter speed=125

My friend and I took shots of buildings, flowers, people and shop signs when we were out. The main focus of my friend was flowers whereas my main focus was on buildings and life in general. I captured the minister, the water feature, and shops.

The camera used was heavy compared to newer cameras (mainly DSLR cameras) but was very easy to use. The hard part was when you had to load the film. We had to cut a square out so it would make a small ‘L’ just so we could put the film on the spool. After that, you had to click the shutter and then push at the film advance so the film would go onto the spool. This is harder than it sounds as the film kept coming out of the spool. Eventually, it will go on and then you need to close the back and take a couple of shots (shutter  and then film advance) so it can go to 0. This means that the photos taken after the 0 will be recorded onto the film. After the film is finished with (you can tell as the film advance will not let you go on to another frame) you have to push the button at the bottom of your camera and then pull the rewind lever and spin it until the lever has no resistance. Once you have done this then you can pull up the rewind lever until you can open the back again.

The photos and how they went will be on soon.


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