Week 1-4

Unit 1-

  1. Intro to Photography processes and technical skills
  2. Intro to design and research skills in creative photography production
  3. Intro to professional practice in creative photography production
  4. Critical/Contextual awareness

Unit 2-

  1. Understand design and research tools, methods and skills used in creative photography productions
  2. Understand primary and secondary research methods

Unit 3-

  1. understand skills needed to pursue a career in the creative photography sector
  2. Understand progression opportunities within the creative photography centre
  3. Be able to carry out roles and responsibilities consistent with professional practice.

Unit 4-

  1. Understand critical perspectives that that influence the analysis of creative media production activities
  2. Understand the contexts within which creative media technology and production are positioned.

In the following four weeks I will be learning; skills, research, contextualization and professional practice.

Formal elements
Induction of the darkroom 
Camera-less photography 
35mm film photography/Darkroom printing
DSLRs Raw file processing, file types, and storage
Photography studio induction
Location Photography techniques

Once Completed;

  • Critically a range of communication methods used to convey meaning in creative photography production
  • Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods




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