Pinhole Prints

Print one is one of the best photos that had been taken by me and my friend that day. You can see the definite outline of the two windows and the light mark on the floor. This had a ten-second exposure.

Print two was a friend indoors and the exposure was at 20-seconds. There needed to be a longer exposure time the image is mainly white with a couple of black patches.

Print three is also a good shot that was taken that day as you can see the outline of the window. This had a five-second exposure which worked well in the environment we had worked in.

Print four had a 20-second exposure to the light. It was supposed to be of the outside of a library window- clearly, it had been exposed too long as it went black.

Overall, if the environment a person is working in is light then there needs to be a small amount of exposure whereas if it is a dark environment then there would need to be more exposure.


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