Pinhole Cameras

What is a pinhole camera?
A pinhole camera is a camera with no lens or aperture

How to make a pinhole camera;

  • Cut a square out of a cardboard tube/box
  • Take some tin foil and secure it over the square
  • Make sure no light can get in
  • Use a pin to make a small hole in the middle of the square
  • In a darkroom, put the photo paper in the tube and then seal it
  • Cover the hole and go to the object or place you want a photo of
  • Expose
  • Cover back up when it is done (the exposure is up to the photographer)

How to Develop;

  • At least two Minutes in the tub of Developer
  • About thirty seconds in the stopper (water)
  • Five minutes or longer in the Fixer
  • About twenty minutes in the wash (water)
    *Make sure the water is at 20 C

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